It may not be the most popular
sport but it’s one James Divine
has fallen in love with. He tells
Bessie Byrne why everybody
should give Ultimate Frisbee it a go.
It’s taken him til the tender age of 21 but James Divine has finally found his passion. Ultimate Frisbee is the most recent sport to be made competitive and while Divine hasn’t been there since the beginning he is really grateful to be involved in the sport as it’s taking off.
“My friends would probably say that I’m obsessed with frisbee, but I’m not your typical jock, it is very different to other sports” Divine says. Most of the teams are mixed and clubs promote the sport as a social game for people who want have a bit of fun exercising but are sick of the aggression and animosity found in other sports. In Ultimate Frisbee “if you make a mistake, the opposition will often suggest techniques and help you out”, Divine says.
Divine switched to frisbee from football, because he likes the vibe more; “it gets a bit old when you’re going for the football and you hear the person beside you saying ‘ I’m going to take your head off c*nt’” Divine says. He loves frisbee’s relaxed and civilised nature; “It’s definitely the laid back atmosphere that draws people to the sport and a lot of girls play because of the noncontact nature of it.”
“If there’s ever tension it’s romance related” jokes Divine who first became interested in Ultimate Frisbee in an endeavour to attract a particular girls attention; “I never imagined it would be such a good game, I fell in love with a girl and a sport but I’m not sure which one I like more”. Divine knows how lucky he is to share his passion with his partner and admits that “on field flirting is the best”.
While he emphasizes the social and playful side of Frisbee, there’s no doubting Divine is a professional. After just returning from Regional Championships in Canberra he is just as enthusiastic as ever and hopes he and his girlfriend will one day get to play in the nationals together.

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