dead by bessie byrne




From an outsiders view it looks like a terrible job, but I actually love it! I’m doing it for a company that I’ve volunteered for all my life so either I’m brainwashed or they’re on the right track.

A trick I’ve found in signing up members is to show them the most emotive pictures.

For some people it’s about protecting the animals, So I show them photos of desperately cute koalas and tiny leadbeater possums that have virtually no homes left or the photos of humpback whales off the Kimberly coast where a massive gas plant is proposed to be built.


For others it’s about humans. These people become emotionally involved when seeing photos of children who might not have a future or elderly aboriginal Australian’s being dragged off their sacred land or people from countries that don’t have the resources to deal with climate change.


For me it’s about the innate beauty of nature. My heart strings are pulled when I see photos of ocean reefs that are dying or pristine rivers that industries want to pollute or Australia’s old growth forests which are some of the largest and most carbon dense in the world.

Without these photographs I doubt I’d be able to convince as may people to join my cause.

People mostly become interested because they learn about the awful and unnecessary things that are happening in our country but they go that step further and commit to being an advocate for change when they see photos of the places and creatures we are trying to protect.

Photos are the best tool I have for getting people to relate to the issues. They spark emotion in people and inspire individuals to listen to those feelings and seek change.



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